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The Whole New Experience of Live Recording Classroom
Source: | Author:blpadmin | Publish time: 2018-01-13 | 140 Views | Share:
The new solution for Live Classroom Recording project by Guangzhou Bilipu Electronics Co., Ltd
    The National Hi-Tech Enterprise -- Guangzhou Bilipu Electronics Co., Ltd introduces the brand new hanging microphone sound amplification solution for school/classroom audio project, with the characteristics of high-performance audio processor, super-cardioid  hanging microphone/super-clear UHF handheld microphone and outstanding speakers.

   Overall Paradigm



 GX-2170 Multi-functional Digital Audio Amplifier

Adopt DSP floating-point processor with high level of integration and audio augmentation & signal processing algorithm, which can effectively resolve the

sound feedback and sound howling issue, It helps to improve sampling clarity and increase the quality of sound amplification and live recording.

Automatic analysis and process over hanging microphones surrounding noise sampling from wide range, and effectively eliminate the classroom noise

like indoor fan wing and air conditioner and  free from damage over sound quality.Main Specification

Distortion: 1% Db
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz                             

Rated Unbalance Microphone Input:10mv 

Feedback Suppression: AFR67dB                                          
Convergence Rated: 38dB/sec                                     

Gain Improver:AGC/>18dB

Digital Sampling: 48KHz              
SNR: 80Db                
Amplifier Level Output: 20Mv

Rated Level Line Input: 300Mv                 
Environment Noise Suppression: NS/10-20Db         

Working Condition: 0°C-55°C

Ending Length of Feedback Suppression:120ms-256ms                 
Rated Line Output Level Output: 0dB±1Db

Tone AdjustTreble10KHz±12Db, Bass10Hz±12Db    

Output Power2x200W                                                
Power SupplyAC 220V±10%/50Hz

  K-510   Professional Speaker

Employ import full-frequency loudspeaker unit, bright tone and distinct human voice expression, easy installation and beautiful appearance.

Spray HDF box with steel mesh.

Suitable for various multimedia classroom, audio-visual room, conference room, etc.

Main Specification

Full frequency, 2 units of loudspeaker, 5-inch woofer, 3-inch tweeter.

Max SPL120Db                        



Frequency Response20Hz-18KHz

  BH-05   Wireless UHF Microphone

A single wireless microphone can match up with any receiver in the classroom. Close-range frequency matchup after open, no crossover when 100 sets

are used simultaneously, strong anti- interference ability, stable performance, wide dynamic range, optional random frequency.

Diverge Degree: ±40K                           
Distortion: <0.5%A weighted)                        

Frequency Response50Hz-18KHz±3Db

RF Output10Mw                         

Power Supply1.5V DC

  BH-09   Hanging Microphone

No battery needed if connect with the same-brand power amplifier, professional and environmental-friendly

Sensitivity: -38Db+2Db

Frequency Response20Hz-20KHz                          

Working Voltage5-48V DC

Output Impedance200Ω                                                  
Pickup Angle:≥100°                        


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