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Conference Central Controller

Product Description

Conference Central Controller

★Effectively combine the advanced digital technology, netting technology and audio technology. Able to connect with smart central controlling system, videio conference system, monitor fire-proof system, provide integral solution to modern conference system project
★Anti-interference circuit design to avoid any cellphone signal interference.
★2.8-inch LCD screen, independent button control
★Support USB recording, high-resolution WAV format output
★4 microphone channels, each channel support 30units, total 120units, support 12 chairman units.
★Support cascade connection, convenient for use and management of multiple systems at same time
★S-terminal and 5P wiring terminal connector to connect with SD&HD camera, support SONY VISCA/EVI HD/PELCO/BRC300 protocols
★Built-in 6-in 2-out(RCA jack) video terminal, connect with up to 6 SD camera
★Video switching RS-232 communication terminal, connect to HD video switcher
★Central RS-232 terminal to connect with central controller
★Multiple audio input/output jack, connect to amplification or recording device.
★Device and PC can interconnect via TCP/IP network or USB local connect, use PC software to modify the system. Also system can be modified without PC while via online code update.
★Multiple conference mode:FIFO, LIFO, FREE, C-ONLY. Speech number/auto shutdown/limited-time shutdown/voice-control speech, etc can all be modified.
★Install on 19-inch standard cabinet for preservation.
★Conform to IEC60914, GBT15381-94 global standard
★Built-in hi-performance digital CPU, support discussion, video tracking, sign-in, vote, etc.
★32bit high-speed floating point DSP to process audio signal, bandwidth 20-20KHz to provide perfect sound quality.
★Reliable switch-mode power supply, long transmission w/o effects on sound quality.
★Power Supply: AC110V-220V/50Hz
★Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
★SNR: >96dBA
★THD: <0.05%
★Recoding Terminal: USB port
★Microphone Unit Jack: Roundhead DIN-8 jackx4
★Cascade Port: Roundhead DIN-8 jackx2
★Central Controller jack:232 serial portx1
★Video Switch Communication jack:232 serial portx1 
★Camera Control Jack:S terminal 5P wiring terminal
★PC Connector: USB portx1 RJ45x1
★Video Switch Port:RCA 6x2
★Audio Input: RCAx2  6.3mmjackx1
★XLR jackx1
★Size(L×W×H) 483×323×90mm
★Installation:19-inch standard cabinet

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